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We are Zsilt and the seaside means the world to us. To make sure it’s full of wonder, not waste, we‘re closing the plastic loop with eco-friendly toys. Together. With industry innovators, kids building their dream sandcastles and everyone in-between: it really is possible. We’re proving it.

The story behind out eco toys

A personal note from our founder

Hi, my name is Sylvia and I’m the founder of Zsilt and so happy to be part of this great Seaside Fan Club.


As the name of our club suggests, we’re big fans of the beach and sea. In all its salty, sandy glory. Some of us grew up close by, others simply love the way a long walk along the coast makes you feel like you can take on the world. But as the years go by, we find more and more plastic on this precious piece of nature. It looks awful, is dangerous, polluting and most importantly: we can prevent this from happening.


We think it’s a good idea to use less (new) plastic, and where possible replace it with other materials. But the thing is, plastic is a useful material and often hard to replace. Take beach toys, which has a list of requirements like waterproof, durable and safe – plastic ticks all those boxes. But here’s the good news; so does recycled plastic. Starting with eco-friendly beach toys, we’re proving it’s possible, not just to make eco toys from recycled plastic, but the coolest looking, most durable and safest toys out there.


The Netherlands is paving the way when it comes to collecting, carefully separating and processing plastic waste. So, all the more reason to get started. I gathered other seaside lovers and together we set out to make a clear statement: plastic waste doesn’t belong on our beaches and in our oceans. Not only should we say no to plastic waste on the beach, but we also need to have a good look at what we bring to the beach ourselves. We’re taking the right steps to prove we can make eco-friendly beach toys from recycled plastic instead of new plastic. We’ve got all the best knowledge, creative ideas and change-making spirit to make it happen.


Because the seaside means the world to us,




Visie & Missie

We prove that we can close the plastic loop and challenge the norm with eco toys. Together, with you. Because a circular world is the only way forward.

The seaside means the world to us.
In all its salty, sandy glory.

Zsilt and the Environment

Prevent Waste

Just by making our eco beach toys, we prevent kilos of plastic from becoming waste. If it doesn’t get recycled, this waste often gets burnt, dumped in landfills or ends up in our precious nature.

Less Pollution

We’re not making any new plastic. No new plastic means we’re saving kilos of natural resources (oil!) and C02. So, we’re polluting the globe a whole lot less.

Proving it!

We simply want to show that it’s possible. Lead the way. The plastic waste we create at home can turn into the best looking, most fun and safest toys in the world.

Dutch Design

Rinke van Remortel (you, know the guy who designed the Dopper bottle), dreams up and designs our adventurous toys. He’s made sure they look seriously cool and are surprising to play with. The result? You’ll never want to throw them away.

Made in Holland

All Zsilt products are made in the Netherlands: a small country with a whole lot of innovation. That’s how we have direct control over the quality of our products and as a bonus: we need no big cargo ships to bring in our products from abroad.


Welcome to the seaside fan club! We’re a bunch of industry innovators that want to make a change. You in? We’ve got creative designers, entrepreneurs in sustainability and pioneers in recycling on our side, to name a few people. By working together in new ways, we make innovative and eco-friendly toys that make this world a little bit of a better place.

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