We call it a barn, but really, it’s whatever you want it to be! Just fill it up with sand and start building awesome sand sculptures.

  • Made 100% from recycled plastic waste
  • Plastic waste from Dutch households
  • Made in Holland
  • Dutch design by Remortel (that awesome guy from the Dopper bottle)

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More about the barn

Upgrade your sand-sculpting skills with this barn shape! Fill the mould with slightly muddy sand and press it down securely. Take the mould, using the special hand grips at the sides, and lift it up from the sand carefully.

Build a (round) castle wall, a dam, a barn on your imaginary farm or make a car by adding wheels to your sand creation.

Use our other tools to complete your imaginary, sandy world. Like the scraper which lets you create patterns in the sand or works well as a raker for your farm fields. Let your imagination take over! Ever built a sand-made farm? Now’s your time to shine!

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The barn is around 12cm long, 9cm wide and 8cm high.
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