Raise the sails! Bathtime is about to get a lot more adventurous. Not only is our boat great to take with you to the beach along with your other tools, but it’s also a perfect little bathtime toy.

  • Made 100% from recycled plastic waste
  • Plastic waste from Dutch households
  • Made in Holland
  • Dutch design by Remortel (that awesome guy from the Dopper bottle)

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More about the boat

Our boat has a minimal design and comes in a dapper shade of red. It actually has two parts to it. The top part – the sail – comes with a secret hole so that when you take it off you can use it to pour water out of. Mind. Blown. Oh, and of course the boat will stay afloat on the wildest sea’s aka. bathwater that is being splashed like crazy.

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The boat is 18cm long, 8cm wide and around 7cm high.
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