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Our sand bucket isn’t like any other bucket. See those cool geometric shapes? This will make your sand creations look extra spectacular. Bring it along with all your adventures; collect rocks, bring home sticks from the woods, carry water or use it as a mould for your sand.

  • Unique and eco-friendly sand bucket
  • Made of 100% recycled plastic waste
  • Makes a great eco-friendly gift for kids
  • Super sturdy and lasts for generations
  • Made in the Netherlands
  • Original Dutch design by Remortel (that awesome guy from the Dopper bottle)
  • Comes in colours Happy Orange and Mint

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More About the Sand Bucket

It’s like a bucket, but awesome. Our sand bucket has an original, geometric design which not only makes it look this cool but also makes it an awesome mould to build things with. Even the bottom is made with that geometric pattern, so when you fill it with sand and carefully take off the bucket, you’ll have built something super original. All the other kids will wonder what kind of magic trick you just pulled off.


Besides its refreshing look, it’s about as sturdy as it gets. Worries about handles breaking because you’ve added heaps of sand are officially over.


And then for the cherry on top: it’s not just a bucket – it’s whatever you want it to be! Cool mums, aunts, brothers, grandpa’s and trendy neighbours: you will be tempted to “borrow” this bucket for something else. Use it as a stylish plant pot or to store things like garden tools or kitchen supplies.


Get yours now in Happy Orange or Mint!

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The bucket is about 18cm high and has a diameter of about 20cm. It can hold 2 litres of water. Of course, you’re welcome to fill it with less as well.
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