A true sand sculpturer deserves only the best sand tools such as this sand scoop. Our little shovel is multifunctional and about as sturdy as it gets. Scoop, write, pour and style! (Yes it can really do all that, scroll down to read more).

  • Imaginative and sustainable sand scoop
  • Made of 100% recycled plastic waste
  • Makes a great little eco-friendly gift for kids
  • Super sturdy and lasts for generations
  • Made in the Netherlands
  • Original Dutch design by Remortel (that awesome guy from the Dopper bottle)

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More About the Sand Scoop

A true essential to take with you to the beach or play with in the sandpit: the sand scoop! Our Scoop is multifunctional and super, super sturdy. Scoop up some sand with this awesome tool instead of just using your hand, a true artist deserved the right tools! The back of this scoop has a fun geometric pattern, press it into the sand and create an awesome design on your sand.


The handle comes in the shape of a pencil with a handy (pun intended) point at the end that lets you write and draw things in the sand. You’ll also find a tiny hole in that little pencil point that lets you pour out water with the precision of a true artist. Become the Frida Kahlo of sand!

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The scoop is around 20cm long
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