Now, this is what we call a sand tool. It’s about as multifunctional as it gets and lets our little visionaries use their wildest imagination. Scoop, rake, press down, scrape – is there anything this scraper can’t do?

  • Made 100% from recycled plastic waste
  • Plastic waste from Dutch households
  • Made in Holland
  • Dutch design by Remortel (that awesome guy from the Dopper bottle)

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More about the scraper

Our scraper is a multifunctional tool both for water and sand. You won’t need to explain anything to your little daydreamers, they will find at least 10 unique ways to use this tool. Scooping, raking, pressing down, scraping, embossing and even combing the hair of an imaginary pony (maybe that took it too far, but you know what we mean). Just let them discover the many possibilities!

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The Scraper is about 23cm long
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