Here's why your kids will love these sustainable sandbox toys

Building, scooping up sand, creating sand sculptures: with sandbox toys, you’re guaranteed an endless amount of fun playing outside. As the Seaside Fan Club, our perfect day is, of course, a day at the beach. But enjoying the fresh air in a sandbox in the garden, playground or simply in nature somewhere else takes a worthy second place! We simply can’t wait. 


 Zsilt sand toys are 100% made from dutch household recycled plastic waste. Yep, that means your shampoo bottle is now a glorious scoop. That’s how we close the plastic loop and keep our seaside full of wonder, not waste. More sandcastles, less plastic waste! 


Our sustainable toys look ultramodern and are sturdy enough for the most adventurous little ones (very, very hard to break). The groovy designs are by the Dutch designer Rinke van Remortel, who is also behind the Dopper bottle. Each sandbox toy is multifunctional, which will bring out all that wonderful imagination kids have. That means you can sip on your Oat Latte while your kids last longer than ever in the sandbox of your local playground. Sounds pretty great right?

The perfect bucket doesn’t exi- oh ok, it does

Here’s the scoop on the best sand toy out there: the Scoop

Your collection of sustainable sandbox toys isn’t complete without a great – no, the very best – scoop. You know how it is, kids sit down in the sand and just start scooping sand. What they’re thinking about? What are they inventing? We’re just glad they’re entertaining themselves. Besides that, our scoop has a cool pattern on the back which they can use to create imprints on their sand sculptures. The handle is also in the shape of a pencil so they can draw things in the sand. Now that’s what we call multifunctional!

Find decorative little gems with the Sieve

It’s time to sieve! Whoever finds the most fetching little gem wins! Let those little rebels run around and sift sand to find small things like stones and seashells to decorate with.  It’s a fun way to find treasures to decorate sand forts and castles with or to take home with you for fun DIY projects.

Build an epic city with the House & Barn moulds

A must-have tool for true sand sculptor: the Scraper

The Scraper isn’t just any sandbox toy, it’s a tool for the most creative sand artists. Scoop, rake, press, push – oh the things your little Michelangelo will create with this sand toy! We can go on about all the awesome things the Scraper can do, but we’re sure your mini-me can show you at least ten different ways to use it. Bring on that imagination.

Tip: use our sand toys at home with Kinetic Sand

As true beach lovers, we’re thrilled that kinetic sand has come into our lives, especially in The Netherlands where it isn’t exactly always tropical weather…. Kinetic sand is sand that has silicone oil added to it, this allows it to stick together and means you won’t need to worry about finding sand in every corner of your living room. It also means you can play with sandbox toys all year round – even when it’s a little too chilly to play outside. And as a bonus: the kids can practice their sand-building skills to wow the others back at the playground.

Discover more about our sustainable sandbox toys here!

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