Eco-friendly toys for little eco-heroes

Going to school on the bike, giving your brothers’ old clothing a new life and playing with eco-friendly toys: you can’t start young enough to make good choices for mother earth right! Since a 2-year-old can’t exactly go out and buy their own toys, it’s up to us to make the right decision and do good for the planet. Buying Zsilt toys means you’re buying from a brand that has a mission to really make a change, is looking for circular solutions and above all is far to fun to ever stop playing with.


What makes Zsilt toys eco-friendly?

Our sustainable toys are made from recycled materials

Did you know that the Netherlands (our home base) is a frontrunner in the world when it comes to collecting, carefully separating and processing plastic waste? Yes, our tiny little country makes a big impact by doing so and you can be part of this circular change. It’s actually not difficult at all, all you need to do is be more aware of buying things that are made from recycled materials.


 Zsilt evolved from a love for the seaside and that’s why we do our part to close the plastic loop and keep our seaside full of wonder, not waste. Due to unique collaborations with entrepreneurs in sustainability and waste disposal, we’ve found a way to create toys from recycled plastic that is safe and oh-so good looking (if we may say so ourselves). Go Seaside Fan Club! We use local plastic from Dutch households, for example, an empty shampoo bottle or the plastic container for your vegetarian burger. That’s how we prevent heaps and heaps of plastic from becoming waste and instead use it as new raw material. 


We’re always looking for circular solutions

There is so much plastic in this world, why would we even need to make new plastic? From all the plastic that is already around, we can make all the eco-friendly toys we need, and more. That’s why we created a circular solution to make beach toys and we want to continue thinking of solutions for other products too. This way, we’re proving that it’s possible. For real. And we want to inspire others to also look for circular solutions. 


Creating circular toys means that there is no waste as a result of the production process or when things are recycled. You won’t ever need to throw away the raw materials of the product, but just keep reusing it (so no burning or landfills). You can always make new, valuable products. That’s how the supply chain stays circular and clean!

Produced in The Netherlands

Shop your locals! A sustainable brand aims to be sustainable in every aspect of the company, that’s really something we live by. This goes beyond just how it’s made and what materials we use but also where it’s made. All our eco-friendly toys are made in The Netherlands – yes, we’re proud Dutchies. That’s how we have direct control over the quality of our products and don’t need any polluting cargo ships to ship our products from other countries.

We use sustainable wrappers and packaging

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